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Plastic Products Make Our Life Easier & Better.

Plastic have moulded the modern world and transformed the quality of life. There is no human activity where plastics do not play a key role from clothing to shelter,from transportation to communication and from entertainment to health care. Plastics,because of its many attractive properties,such as lightweight,high strength and ease of processing,meet a large share of the materials needs of man,and that too at a comparatively lesser cost and causing lesser environmental implications. From practically zero during the beginning of the 20th century,human kind today consumes more than 150 million tons of plastics per year.

Plastics possess a unique combination of properties. Plastics can be super tough,rigid as well as flexible,transparent as well as opaque and can allow permeation or act as a barrier material.Growing population and material consumption has put severe pressure on our natural resources and fragile eco-systems. The material needs of our population are growing and plastics offer a cost effective alternative.

Plastics are employed in myriad applications where they actually conserve natural resources. For example,asceptic packaging of food in barrier packaging films will save refrigeration cost and saving capital and energy. Edible oils and milk are packaged in flexible packages eliminating the use of tin and glass containers. Rigid HDPE barrels are used for bulk chemical storage instead of steel drums. Apart from conserving natural resources,use of plastics in these applications saves transportation fuel as plastics are substantially lighter than tin,glass or steel.

Safe drinking water in PET bottles is a very common sight now-a-days. They provide confidence to consumer on the quality of water and help reduce water-borne diseases. Advance polymeric membranes help purify water from viruses and bacteria. They also provide potable drinking water from sea and blackish water through a process of desalination.